Madrasa Plus Initiative

Madrasa Plus Initiative: Unveiling a Brighter Tomorrow

Introducing the Madrasa Plus Initiative, a powerful expansion of the acclaimed Academic Intensive Care Unit (AICU) by the Shaheen Group. Our vision is to empower 5000 Madrasa students across India with contemporary education. The journey has already begun, with 2087 students and 203 devoted staff members. We’ve ignited change in 52 Madrasas across the nation, offering an 18-month program meticulously designed to prepare students for Class X examinations. Our secret? Personalized teaching and an impressive 1:6 teacher-student ratio.

Here's your chance to be a catalyst for change through the Madrasa Plus Project:

Empower Tomorrow's Leaders:

Become a sponsor for Huffaz and Madrasa students, enabling them to join our Madrasa Plus Centers. We guarantee free education and hostel facilities, ensuring no financial barriers hinder their dreams.

Local Transformation

Take action within your community or sphere of influence by adopting a nearby Madrasa. We pledge unwavering academic support, paving the way for a brighter future for these eager minds.

Champion Excellence

Contribute to the growth of an existing Madrasa Plus Center by supporting teacher salaries, academic expenses, or even daily meals. Every ounce of support plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of these young minds.

Enhance Technological Access

Help us provide Madrasa Plus Centers with essential technological resources such as Digital Boards, Computers, and Printers, enabling students to access modern educational tools and resources effectively. Your contribution in this area will make a significant difference in their learning experience.

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